​​​​​​​Team tennis will kickoff next Wednesday (7 th October), from about 5.30pm, all welcome. Official kickoff the following week (after school holidays). Anyone who hasn't put their name down yet please get in touch Carl; carl@cmid.co.nz or turn up next week and put your name down either as a regular or a reserve. 


Board Shorts and Singlets Tennis and BBQ and muster for Team Tennis

Why: To celebrate our team tennis buddy Mike Bainbridge

When: Wednesday 30th Sept 2021

Time: 5.30 ish

Wear: Your favourite boardies and singlet in true Mike fashion, even if it's cold and raining

Bring: Food to share, meat for BBQ and beersies and your favourite stories about Mike, who

loves a good story

This is a fun Tournament with a trophy that will be donated by Gay, for the player with the

most flair and best fun attitude.

This event will also be the muster for Team Tennis Summer Season. Register your interest on

the night, all welcome if you want competitive tennis in a friendly setting.

Carl Menary will be organising Team Tennis as the new Club Captain. 0212547101


Your outgoing organizer




Hi All. 

Team Tennis update from Jane 26/05/20

Team Tennis members - just added Craig as a reserve, he is not always available but will play when he can.

Please try and replace your self if you are unable to play, using me as a last resort.

I'll organize Wed nights

Cam is going to do Tues nights

Kevin for Thursday nights?

If you replace yourself, let your organizer know so they know who to contact if tennis needs to be cancelled for any  reason

Please let me know, if I've got things wrong🤪 or if you want to change anything???


Paul H


Karl R




Tony W

John Purkis

Craig is filling in for John  this week and opening up etc


Rob H   027 5621 723

Jane     021 2553 447

 Gay      027 3783 431

 Sue R   021 988 740

Craig 021 2204 745



Dave T

Carl W

Kyle P




Sue R


Cam     021 957 991

Junior  022 1394 858

Rob Hope  0275621723

Karl R   020 4112 6126

Chris Van H 027 4679482

Julie    021 223 7411

Garry McLean  0274  993 779

Craig 021 2204 745


Carl M




John A



Simon ????


Chis Van H 027 4679481

Chrissy  02102256642

Dave      021 02256836

Cam       021 957 991

Garry Mc  0274993779

Sue R  021 988 7 40     

Craig 021 2204 745

Cheers Jane

​​​​​​​Hi All - 2020 Team Tennis restart dates

Time to shake the cobwebs off the racquet and come along next Wednesday 5th Feb for a hit up before we start team tennis in earnest on Wednesday 12th Feb. Unless I hear otherwise I will presume all who played last round will play again, we will change the teams around again and new players are welcome. 

We play on Wednesday nights from 5.45 and it's a competitive, fun and social group byo own drinks and food to share. If you would like to join in, either as a reserve or to be in a team.

Contact Jane on 021 2553447 

6 teams Each team to select a Team Captain who will organise reserves if needed.

John Alexander, Chrissy Cotton, Marty Kingsford, Mike Bainbridge.

Carl Williams, Kyle Palmer, Chris von Biel, Jane Broughton.

Dave Tait, Edith Kirk, Tony Roberts, Pam Rhodes.

Kevin McLoughlin, Denise Hanna, Junior Kirk, Julie Stock.

Val McLoughlin, Carl Rogers, Tony Wilson, Sam or Mary O’Connell.

Paul Hitchman, Jimmy Lynch, Carl Menary, Gay Bainbridge.

Cam Taft will be a number 2 or 3 and playing each week in a different team if there is no one away.


1. Simon Phillips

2 or 3 Phil Laurence

2 or 3 Gael Dunstall

2 or 3 Sharlene Stewart  

3 or 4 Gary McLean

4 Barry Jesney


2018 - 19 Summer Team Tennis  - message from Jane

This competitive and social comp will start after school holidays on Wednesday nights. Byo drinks and food to share.

We play a fast 4 format and warm-up is from 5.30 pm and play starts at 6 pm. 6 teams of 4.

Please let Jane know if you are keen to be in a team or to be a reserve, by text 021 2553447 or email broughtonjagb@gmail.com (if you haven't already)

The first night will be 16 October, which will be a muster and sorting teams, before starting for real on 23 October and going through to 18 December.

This is a fun competition for folk who are able to play competitive tennis. 

PS. for those who can't play on Wed nights there may be an option to play Tuesday nights

See you on court .

Also, subs are now overdue😵