Trouble Shooting the Tournament Entry Process:

1. Choose your tournament.

1a. The image to the left shows the screen you will see if you clicked our link. Simply click the Online Entry button on either tournament. 

1b. This (image 1b to the left) is what you will see if you navigate to the individual tournament page. Clicking the button  "Click here to enter online" will also take you to the next page. 

2a. On a desktop computer or mobile device you will see a Log In prompt. If you know your Tennis NZ login details please enter these. (This is not your promato login). 

2b. If you don't have a tennis NZ account you can sign up quite easily by clicking "Sign Up" on a desktop or "No account" on a mobile device. 

Note: If you think you have an account but can't remember your password or login name, there are options for that below the login button.