2020/21 Club Championships

Quick reference

Men's Singles: J. Alexander

Ladies' Singles: L. Richardson

Men's Doubles: J Alexander & C McFarlane

Ladies' Doubles: L. Richardson & J Broughton

Mixed Doubles: L & M Richardson


Mrs Fay Moore Award - Most Dedicated Club Member(s) - Bruce & Jenny Aitken

Galloway Sportsmanship Cup: - Leo Cosmos


Most Improved Player: Ezekiel Hope
Best Courtesy Player: Luca Stove
Best Boy’s Attendance: Sam & Lachy Davison
Best Girl’s Attendance: Ella Cosmos

Following you will find further details.

The Over 60's Mixed Doubles Championships were held on Friday 19 March. Although the entry numbers weren't huge, there were some good games played and in excellent club spirit!! Congratulations to all the players. Winners of the trophy: Paul Hitchman and Carolyn McCracken. Runners up Jenny and Bruce Aitken. Jenny and Bruce arrived well kitted out complete with their antique tennis bag. It's great to see such memorabilia. Thanks to all those who entered and to the very supportive spectators!! 


The weather was perfect for the singles club championship yesterday (13 March). It was a grueling round-robin of 5 rounds. As there was only one female contestant, Laura Richardson, everyone agreed Laura should join the men's tournament. 

The contestants played out of their skins with only Karl and Mark completing the 5 rounds and all agreeing it was asking a bit much. The final being John Alexander vs Simon Phillips and at 7 all (in the first to 9 match) Simon succumbed to injury. So John takes the championship yet again. 

The biggest upset of the day was Simon Phillips beating Laura Richardson. 

With no other lady entries, Laura will hold onto the woman's title. 

You will find attached a photo of the champions. And most of the contestants. Simon Phillips, Mark Richardson, Laura Richardson, John Alexander and Cam Arthur. Absent from the photo is Karl. 

The champion of champions match, Laura vs John, will be played at a later date, we'll keep you posted on that. 




6th March 2021. The Women’s and Men’s 2020/21 Doubles were Round Robin competitions of 4 teams in each and the Mixed Doubles was a “one-off” match with only two combinations entered. All matches were first to 9, and a 7 point tie break at 8 – 8.

Women’s Doubles:

  • Winners - Laura Richardson & Jane Broughton
  • Runners-up - Kerry O’Dwyer & Linda Seaborne

Men’s Doubles:

  • Winners – John Alexander & Craig McFarlane
  • Runners-up – Grant Wenzlick & Mike Shanley

Mixed Doubles:

  • Winners - Laura Richardson & Mark Richardson
  • Runners-up – Linda Seaborne & John Alexander


 Women’s Doubles – Laura and Jane won all three matches – whilst on paper, the closest was 9/4 against Kerry and Linda – it was a close match.

Mens Doubles – John and Craig beat Grant and Mike in a very tight match – and won it in a tiebreaker.

Mixed Doubles – Laura and Mark beat Linda and John (who were a pick-up team on the day) in a very tight tiebreaker.

Thanks to everyone that played in great weather and great spirit – it was appreciated.

Ngā mihi nui



2019/20 Club Senior Championships 7/8th March 2020

Waihi Beach Tennis Club – 2019/2020 Senior Championships Results

Last weekend the Waihi Beach Senior Championships were held in near perfect weather.

Men's Senior Doubles  - Winners : Craig McFarlane and John Alexander. Runners Up: Bill  Young and Kevin McLoughlin .

Women's Senior Doubles - Winners: Laura Richardson and Denise Hanna. Runners Up: Val McLoughlin and Sharlene Stewart
Mixed Senior Doubles - Winners were Laura Richardson and Craig McFarlane. Runner's Up : Denise Hanna and Jimmy Lynch.

The weather this weekend continued to play its part for the Senior Single Championships. The Men’s Championship resulted in a hat trick win for John Alexander who defeated Jimmy Lynch in the final, clinching the Senior Men’s Championship for the 3rd consecutive time. The women’s final was contested between Laura Richardson and Sue Rafe with Laura coming out the eventual winner for the second season in a row.

The shoot out over 1 set between the Women’s Champion and the Men’s champion resulted in a win to John over Laura so reversing last year’s result.

The Waihi Beach Tennis Club 60+ Championship was held on Friday 13 March with 10 local teams contesting this inaugural event in perfect weather conditions. Winners on the day were Rachel Paterson and Jimmy Lynch with John Purkis and Win Buttimore as runners-up.


The Ted McCowatt Memorial Trophy for 60+ members was held on Tuesday with 22 players taking part. Winners on the day were Sharlene Stewart and Tony Delany. A very enjoyable morning on a very warm day. 


2018/19 Junior Results

The Waihi Beach Tennis Club Junior prize giving was held on Saturday  6th April.

Following are the trophy winners:

Girls Singles - Stella Beard

Boys Doubles - Benjamin Beard and Nivek Smith

r/up - Louie and Myles van der Zwan

10 & under boys - Nivek Smith

Courtesy - Benjamin Beard

Most Improved - Nivek Smith

Girls attendance - Stella Beard

Boys attendance - Leo Cosmas

Champion age and grade results are:

A grade boy champion - Ethan Franzoi

r/up - Flynn van der Zwan

B grade girl champion - Stella Beard 

B Grade Boys - Nivek Smith

r/up - Benjamin Beard

16yrs boy - Ethan Franzoi

r/up - Flynn van der Zwan

14yrs boy - Nivek Smith

r/up -  Toby van der Zwan

14yrs girl - Stella Beard

12yrs boy Niveck Smith

r/up - Benjamin Beard

12yrs boys Plate - Jia Sharp

12yrs girl - Isla Menary

10yrs boy - Nivek Smith

12yrs doubles - Nivek Smith / Benjamin Beard

r/up - Louie and Myles van der Zwan

Galloway Cup for Sportsmanship - Mary O'Connell

Fay Moore Award for Most Dedicated Player - Don Young

2018/19 Senior Results

It was a perfect day on Sunday  10 March for the 1st day of our club championships being the singles championships.

The Ladies singles championship was won by Laura Richardson with Edith Kirk as runner up. In the Mens singles Championship John Alexander made it two in a row winning the title over runner up, Mark Richardson.

A first ever shoot out between the Ladies Champion and Men's Champion resulted in a win to Laura. 

Day 2  results of the Doubles Championships

Our Club completed the 2019 Club Championships on Sunday  17 March in near ideal but very warm conditions. A very good entry of players and a good number of spectators enjoyed some very entertaining tennis.

Results from the day:

Ladies Doubles Championship: Laura Richardson and Helena Harrison.

Men's Doubles Championship: Bill Young and Kevin McLoughlin.

Mixed Doubles Championship: Laura and Mark Richardson.

A very successful non championship 60 yrs plus event was also held for the first time which was enjoyed by all competitors and because of its popularity is likely to be in next years championships. Winners on the day were Don Young and Tony Van der Heyden.

Galloway Cup for Sportsmanship - Mary O'Connell

Fay Moore Award for Most Dedicated Player - Don Young

 Photos attached:  2019 Waihi Beach Tennis Club Championship winners.


Waihi Beach Tennis Club enjoyed two days of perfect weather for the 2018 Senior Championships held last weekend. The results were:

Mixed doubles. Winners: Julie Stock and Cam Tafft who took out the tiebreaker 7:3 in a nail biter over Jane Broughton and Jimmy Lynch.

Men's doubles. Winners:  Craig McFarlane & John Alexander won the round robin.

Ladies doubles. Winners: Amanda von Biel and Jane Broughton defeated Gay Bainbridge and Daniela Alloro 9:3.

Men's singles. Winner: John Alexander over Simon Phillips 6:4, 6:3.

Ladies singles. Winner: Jane Broughton defeated Jenny Aitken 9:6, 3rd Daniela Alloro.

At the Waihi Beach Tennis Club Junior prizegiving on the 9th April the following awards were presented.


B Grade Boys               Winner             Honza Andrews

                                    R/U                  Ethan Franzoi

                                    Plate                Flynn van der Zwan

B Grade Girls   Stella Beard

C Grade Boys               Winner             Will Baker

                                    R/U                  Romain Wiki

                                    Plate                Finley Paterson

C Grade Girls   Isla Menary


B Grade                        Winner             Ethan Franzoi / Kohu Nathan

                                    R/U                  Honza Andrews / Flynn van der Zwan

                                    Plate                Ben Beard / Stella Beard

C Grade                       Winner             Louie van der Zwan / Myles van der Zwan                                 

                                    R/U                  Finley Paterson / Leo Cosmas


16’s BOYS                   Winner             Ethan Franzoi

14’s BOYS                   Winner             Honza Andrews

                                    R/U                  Flynn van der Zwan

14’s GIRLS                  Winner             Stella Beard

12’s BOYS                   Winner             Ben Beard

                                    R/U                  Toby van der Zwan

                                    Plate                Kohu Nathan

10’s BOYS                   Winner             Louie van der Zwan  

                                    R/U                  Myles van der Zwan

                                    Plate                Leo Cosmas


14’s BOYS                   Winner             Honza Andrews / Flynn van der Zwan

12’s BOYS                   Winner             Kohu Nathan / Ben Beard

10 & UNDER                Winner             Louie van der Zwan / Myles van der Zwan

                                    R/U                  Finley Paterson / Leo Cosmas


Girls Attendance           Isla Menary

Boys Attendance           Leo Cosmas

Most Improved              Toby van der Zwan

Courtesy                      Ethan Franzoi


​​​​​​​Waihi Beach Tennis Club 2016/17 Senior Prizegiving.

The Waihi Beach Tennis Club held the 2016/17 end of season closing and prize giving on Sunday 11th and those playing tennis did so in ideal conditions. Club President Craig McFarlane closed the summer season and in doing so thanked the committee, the many member volunteers, especially those associated with the Junior coaching and organisation. It had been a record year for Junior members and the club, and the sport of tennis in general was much stronger for it. Craig passed on special thanks to coach Shannon Paki for his efforts and commented on his dedication to the Juniors and the support he gave to our club throughout the summer season which now is continuing through the winter months.

The following are the trophy and award winners for the 2016/17 season.

Ladies Single Champion:  Joana Michaelis.

Ladies Doubles Champions: Julie Stock and Joana Michaelis

Mens Single Champion: Simon Phillips.

Mens Doubles Champions: Rob Hope and Steve Bowen

Mixed Doubles Champions: Steve Bowen and Denise Jones

Ted McCowatt Memorial Trophy for players 60 years + Jan Bradshaw and Bruce Aitken

Sportsmanship Cup: Phil Laurence

Fay Moore Award for most dedicated club member: Craig McFarlane


The annual Ted McCowatt Memorial Trophy for Waihi Beach Tennis Club members aged 60 years plus was contested on Tuesday 16th.A field of 19 members keenly contested the competition in cool cloudy conditions. The winners were Jan Bradshaw and Bruce Aitken, runners up Daniela Alloro and Graham Wicks.


Results of the 2017 Senior Championships held on Sunday 26th March .

Ladies Single Champion:  Joana Michaelis. Runner Up: Daniela Allora

Ladies Doubles Champions: Julie Stock and Joana Michaelis

Runners Up: Denise Jones & Robin Zinzan

Mens Single Champion: Simon Phillips. Runner Up: John Alexander

Mens Doubles Champions: Rob Hope and Steve Bowen

Runners Up: John Alexander and Simon Phillips

Mixed Doubles Champions: Steve Bowen and Denise Jones

Runners Up:  John Alexander and Joana Michaelis

The 2015/16 Club Championships results.

Ladies Championship:
Chrissy Cotton defeated Jane Broughton 9:3

Men's Championship:
John Alexander defeated Myden Tait-Cotton 7:5 5:7 7:5

Mixed Doubles Championship:
Chrissy Cotton & Myden Tait-Cotton defeated Jimmy Lynch & Sharlene Stewart 6:1, 6:2

Ladies Doubles Championship:

Jenny Aitken & Jane Broughton defeated Endang Keenan & Jing Maton 6:2 6:2

Men's Doubles Championships:
Craig McFarlane & Kevan Joe defeated John Alexander & Paul Hitchman 6:4 2:6 6:3

Entry forms posted on the notice board at the Clubrooms.

Entries must be in by 5pm on the preceding day of the Championship.

Please be sure you are available for the rain dates before entering.

Any questions contact Devon 07-863-4002 or 021-800-933.


The 2014 - 2015 Annual Awards presentations and BBQ was held on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather was not kind and the tennis and BBQ had to be abandoned. However, the awards and afternoon tea went ahead and was enjoyed by a good gathering of players. The
2014 - 2015 Waihi Beach Tennis Club Champions & Award Winners were:

Mens Singles: John Alexander
Ladies Singles: Jane Broughton
Mens Doubles: Paul Hitchman and John Alexander

Ladie’s Doubles: Jane Broughton and Chrissy Cotton
Mixed Doubles: Dave Tait and Chrissy Cotton
Boys Singles: Ben Fry
Boys Under 10 Singles: CJ Smith
Boys Under 10 Doubles: Lukas Le Beigge & Scotia Chapman
Most Improved Player: Stella Beard
Courtesy Cup: Bridie & Scotia Chapman
Girls Attendance: Stella Beard
Boys Attendance: Benjamin Beard

Sportsmanship Cup: Bryn Cotton-Tait
Most Dedicated Club Member: Helen Harrison
Members are prospective members are reminded that our club plays 12 months of the year. All ages welcome.Times and details are available on our website.

2014 - 2015 Club Championships

Mens & womens singles: Results: Mens singles: Semi Finals. David Tait defeated Carl Williams 8-4; John Alexander defeated Craig McFarlane 9-5 Final: J Alexander defeated D Tait 6-3 6-4
Ladies singles: Semi Finals. Helen Harrison defeated Mary O'Connell 9-5; Jane Broughton defeated Jenny Aitken 9-0 Final: J. Broughton defeated H.Harrison 9-5
Men's Plate: Jimmy Lynch defeated Dale Burndred 9-4. 

Men's and Women's doubles Results: Mens Doubles. Semi Finals: Paul Hitchman and John Alexander defeated Bruce Aitken and Tony Dillimore 9/5; Craig McFarlane and Kevan Joe defeated David Tait and Bryn Cotton-Tait 9/2. Final: P Hitchman and J Alexander defeated C McFarlane and K Joe 6/4 1/6 6/1
Women's Doubles. Played as a round robin the Championship went to Jane Broughton and Chrissy Cotton with 18 points, from Michelle Lunny and Sandy Stonex 12 points with Jenny Aitken and Jude Eagle on 8 points.

The final day of the Waihi Beach 2014/15 Championships were held on Sunday starting in perfect conditions and ending with a few cooler showers. The Mixed Doubles Championships were run as a round robin and were won by Dave Tait and Chrissy Cotton with 18 points. Runners up with 22 points were Jimmy Lynch and Pam Rhodes and tied for third were Devon Brooks and Mary O’Connell with Phil Laurence and Helen Harrison.

Junior Championships
Boys Singles
Winner Ben Fry, R/U Bryn Cotton-Tait
Under 10 Singles
Winner C J Smith R/U Stella Beard
Under 10 Doubles
Winners Lukas Le Beigge & Scotia Chapman
R/U Bridie Chapman & C J Smith
Most Improved Player
Stella Beard
Courtesy Cup
Bridie & Scotia Chapman
Girls Attendance
Stella Beard
Boys Attendance
Benjamin Beard

Girls Singles and Boys/Girls Doubles were not competed for.

2013 - 2014 Club Championships.

Men’s Singles:
Winner: Myden Tait-Cotton
R/U: David Tait

Women's Singles:
Winner: Denise Hanna
R/U: Helen Harrison

Men’s Doubles:
Winners: Dale Burndred & Myden Tait-Cotton
R/U: David Tait & Bryn Cotton-Tait

Women's Doubles:
Winners: Denise Hanna & Jo Sibley
R/U: Jane Broughton & Julie Stock

Mixed Doubles:
Winners: Denise Hanna & John Alexander
R/U: Helen Harrison & Phil Laurence

Boys Singles:
Winner: Dale Burndred
R/U: Bryn Cotton-Tait

Girls Singles:
Winner: Millie Dunstall
R/U: Kate Dunstall

Boys Doubles:
Winners: Bryn Cotton-Tait & Ben Fry
R/U: Alfie Derham & Austin Martin

No girls doubles competed for.

Most Improved Player: Austin Martin
Courtesy Award: Alfie Derham & Kate Dunstall
Girls Attendance Award: Millie Dunstall
Boys Attendance Award: Ben Fry

Faye Moore Trophy Awarded to the Most Dedicated Player: Barry Jesney
Galloway Cup for Club Sportsmanship: Raewyn Burwell


2012-2013 Club Championship
Mens Singles: Winner: David Tait
Runner Up: Myden Tait-Cotton
Men's Doubles: Winners David Tait & Myden Tait-Cotton
Runners Up: Rob Hope & Paul Weaver
Ladies Singles: Winner: Denise Hanna
Runner Up: Joe Sibley
Ladies Doubles: Winners: Jo Sibley & Denise Hanna
Runners Up: Denise Timms & Jane Broughton
Mixed Doubles: Craig McFarlane & Pam Rhodes
Runners Up: Campbell Tafft & Julie Stock
Boys Singles: Winner: Myden Tait-Cotton
Runner Up: Bryn Cotton-Tait
Girls Singles Winner: Yvette Kingsford
Runner up: Millie Dunstall
Girls Doubles: Winners: Yvette Kingsford & Taria Tawhiti
Runners Up: Millie & Kate Dunstall
Boys Doubles: Winners: Myden Tait-Cotton & Bryn Cotton-Tait
Runners Up: George Croker & Ben Fry
Mixed Doubles: Bryn Cotton-Tait & Millie Dunstall Runners Up: Myden Tait-Cotton & Taria Tawhiti

Most Improved Player: George Croker
Best Courtesy Player: Taria Tawhiti
Best Boy’s Attendance: Austin Martin & Jaydean Ward
Best Girl’s Attendance: Marino Magee  ­Fay Moore Award – Most Dedicated Club Member: Devon Brooks

Galloway Sportsmanship Cup: Jane Broughton

2011-2012 Junior Club Championship Results

Boys Singles: Winner: Myden Tait-Cotton
                      Runner up: Ben Fry
Girls Singles: Winner: Zoe Soutar
                      Runner up: Alyssa Thurston
Boys Doubles: Winners: Myden Tait-Cotton & Bryn Cotton-Tait
                      Runners up:Jaydean Ward & Dale Burndred
Girls Doubles: Winners: Yvette Kingsford & Alyssa Thurston
                      Runners up: Amy Fry & Zoe Soutar
Mixed Doubles: Winners: Alyssa Thurston & Myden Tait-Cotton
                        Runners up: Amy Fry & Ben Fry

Boys 12 & Under Singles: Ben Fry
                Runner up: Bryn Cotton-Tait

Girls 12 & Under Singles: Millie Dunstall
                Runner up: Taria Tawhiti

Further Junior Results

Most Improved Junior: Daniel Smith

Courtesy Award: Jaydean Ward& Amy Fry

Girl’s Attendance Award: Eva Spiers

Boy’s Attendance Award:Lukas Le Beigge, Daniel Oliver, Dale Burndred & Bryn Cotton-Tait

Ladies  Club Championships
Ladies Singles Champion: Jane Broughton R/U Gay Bainbridge.

Ladies Doubles: Win Buttimore & Sharlene Stewart R/U Raewyn Burwell & Dana Posa

Mixed Doubles: Devon Brooks & Yvonne Wicks R/U Luke & Ruth Kingsford.

Mens single Champion Bill Young R/U David Tait.